A rapid electrochemical probe for DNA and electroactive ligand interaction

C. Yang, Sufen Wang, K. Mahajan, P. Jackson, J. Schmalzel
Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium, 2006.  
A rapid method for investigating interactions between DNA and electroactive ligands based on an electrochemical equation for irreversible processes is designed. Binding constants (K) and sizes of binding sites (s) are simultaneously obtained from the dependence of the current on the amount of added DNA in voltammetry. A non-intercalative binder (Hoechst 33258) and two DNA-intercalators (mitoxantrone (MXT) and actinomycin D (AMD)) were examined in the experiments. It was found that the binding
more » ... that the binding constant of Hoechst 33258, mitoxantrone and actinomycin D, were 2.1×10 8 , 8.9×10 9 and 9.1×10 9 cm 3 mol −1 ; and the sizes of their binding sites were 4, 3 and 8, respectively. This study provides a convenient and sensitive approach to estimating affinity parameters and outlining interactions between DNA and electroactive targeting compounds.
doi:10.1109/sas.2006.1634226 fatcat:6txgcnnwnvbjdkdstgirqfp2cq