Enumeration of Vascular Plants of Kalesar National Park, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana

A. N. Shukla, Durgesh Verma, S. K. Srivastava
2021 Nelumbo  
The present study enumerates 317 taxa, distributed under 256 genera and 80 families that have neen recorded from the Kalesar National Park situated in Yamuna Nagar district of Haryana state. Of these, 6 species under 6 genera and 6 families belong to Pteridophytes and 311 flowering plant species distributed over 250 genera are belonging to 74 families. A brief account on the vegetation types and threatened species found in the National Park has been discussed. lkjka 'k orZ eku v/;;u gfj;k.kk
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doi:10.20324/nelumbo/v63/2021/165153 fatcat:dswvwxl53ncpfb3yt7rxzqxdni