Isolation, expansion and differentiation of cellular progenitors obtained from dental pulp of agouti (Dasyprocta prymnolopha Wagler, 1831)

Yulla K.P. de Carvalho, Napoleão M. Argôlo-Neto, Carlos E. Ambrósio, Lilian de Jesus de Oliveira, Andressa R. da Rocha, Janete B. da Silva, Maria Acelina M. de Carvalho, Flávio R. Alves
2015 Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira  
Abstract: The study aimed to isolate, expand, differentiate and characterize progenitor cells existent in the dental pulp of agouti. The material was washed with PBS solution and dissociated mechanically with the aid of a scalpel blade on plates containing culture medium D-MEM/F-12, and incubated at 5% CO2-37⁰C. The growth curve, CFU assay, osteogenic/adipogenic differentiation and characterization were obtained from the isolation. The cells began to be released from the explant tissue around
more » ... e 7th day of culture. By day 22 of culture, cells reached 80% confluence. At the UFC test, 81 colonies were counted with 12 days of cultivation. The growth curves before and after freezing showed a regular growth with intense proliferation and clonogenic potential. The cell differentiation showed formation of osteoblasts and fat in culture, starting at 15 days of culture in a specific medium. Flow cytometry (FACs) was as follows: CD34 (positive), CD14 (negative), CD45 (negative), CD73 (positive), CD79 (negative), CD90 (positive), CD105 (positive), demonstrating high specificity and commitment of isolated cells with mesenchymal stem cells strains. These results suggest the existence of a cell population of stem cells with mesenchymal features from the isolated tissue in the explants of agouti dental pulp, a potential model for study of stem cell strains obtained from the pulp tissue.
doi:10.1590/s0100-736x2015000600018 fatcat:sw44ljbxznfiji2l4u23uwy734