Securing the Wireless Mesh Networks against Epidemic Attack

P Gilba, S Siva Kumar
In recent years, wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have emerged as a promising platform to provide easy Internet access. However, this increasing popularity of WMNs makes them an ideal target for different attacks. One such attack is the pollution attack/ epidemic attack. Epidemic attack is a severe security problem in wireless mesh networks. Several papers in the literature bring about the idea of securing the WMN, however their role of defending the pollution attack is limited. This paper
more » ... an environment to detect and identify the malicious node that pollutes the packets. The detection algorithm implemented is based upon the time based checksum and batch verification in the MAC Opportunistic routing and encoding (MORE). This system allows an easy way of finding the malicious neighbor node. The identified malicious node is stopped from further communication. The packets transmitting via the malicious node is dropped and the packets are retransmitted to the destination.