Five New Species and a New Subspecies of the Genus Lygocoris Reuter (Heteroptera: Miridae) from Japan

1999 Biogeography  
Five new species belonging to the subgenus Neolygus Knight of the genus Lygocoris Reuter are described from Japan: Lygocoris (Neolygus) majusculus, L. (N.) moricola, L. (N.) elaegni, L. (N.) juglanicola and L. (N.) yamatoensis. A new subspecies L. (N.) majusculus nakatanii is also described. The breeding hosts are confirmed and photographs of adults and/or last-instar nymphs are provided for the 5 species.
doi:10.11358/biogeo.1.25 fatcat:iielsrdp6bbwnkmupyxvhztcea