Tuvok, an Architecture for Large Scale Volume Rendering [article]

Thomas Fogal, Jens Krüger
2010 International Symposium on Vision, Modeling, and Visualization  
In this paper we present the Tuvok architecture, a cross-platform open-source volume rendering system that delivers high quality, state of the art renderings at production level code quality. Due to its progressive rendering algorithm, Tuvok can interactively visualize arbitrarily large data sets even on low-end 32bit systems, though it can also take full advantage of high-end workstations with large amounts of memory and modern GPUs. To achieve this Tuvok uses an optimized out-of-core,
more » ... level of detail data representation. From a software development perspective, Tuvok is composed of three independent components, a UI subsystem based on Qt, a rendering subsystem based on OpenGL and DirectX, and an IO subsystem. The IO subsystem not only handles the out-of-core data processing and paging but also includes support for many widely used file formats such as DICOM and ITK volumes. For rendering, Tuvok implements a wide variety of different rendering methods, ranging from 2D texture stack based approaches for low end hardware, to 3D slice based implementations and GPU based ray casters. All of these modes work with one- or multi-dimensional transfer functions, isosurface, and ClearView rendering modes. We also present ImageVis3D, a volume rendering application that uses the Tuvok subsystems. While these features may be found individually in other volume rendering packages, to our best knowledge this is the first open source system to deliver all of these capabilities at once.
doi:10.2312/pe/vmv/vmv10/139-146 dblp:conf/vmv/FogalK10 fatcat:qpqvhj2ewveybl2ldejetzp3pi