Exact correlations in the Lieb-Liniger model and detailed balance out-of-equilibrium

Jacopo De Nardis, Milosz Panfil
2016 SciPost Physics  
We study the density-density correlation function of the 1D Lieb–Liniger model and obtain an exact expression for the small momentum limit of the static correlator in the thermodynamic limit. We achieve this by summing exactly over the relevant form factors of the density operator in the small momentum limit. The result is valid for any eigenstate, including thermal and non-thermal states. We also show that the small momentum limit of the dynamic structure factors obeys a generalized detailed balance relation valid for any equilibrium state.
doi:10.21468/scipostphys.1.2.015 fatcat:2v3rtl34zbfcfkdnwk6jgq3ogy