Research on Anti-Duplication Technique of Security Printing for Office Documents

Jie Li, Peng Cao, Yuan Huang
2021 International Journal of Computer Applications  
This paper provides a halftone information hiding algorithm that can automatically identify whether office documents printed are an original or a hardcopy, and can be used to establish a safety guarantee for printed matter. By applying the method of 2ASK information modulation (binary amplitude shift keying), binarized anti-counterfeiting image-text is modulated as AM or FM halftone dots to record implanted watermark. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the watermark information in hiding effect of
more » ... e original, optimal design is performed for AM and FM halftone dot patterns, their physical parameters (such as spatial arrangement and covering rate of halftone dot). Without the auxiliary condition of optical illusion background texture images, printing test and analyzing is designed for watermark images with various covering rates of halftone dot. This paper can solve the problems in security printing and copying, authentication and retrospection of documents printed such as official documents, legal instruments and certificates, and have application value in promoting the security of printing systems.
doi:10.5120/ijca2021921732 fatcat:ak6dfslgazhsvgdm6r3jpddz64