Ольга Олександрівна Тузенко, Сергiй Вадимович Тiлiнiн, Вiталiй Олександрович Кличков
2020 Наука та виробництво  
Наука та виробництво 2020 р. Вип. 22 Інформаційні технології 182 Tuzenko O. A., Sagirov I.V. SIMULATION MODELING OF THE WORK OF THE MARINE GRAIN TERMINAL The article considers the main prospects for the construction of a maritime grain terminal in the territory of the State Enterprise "Mariupol Sea Commercial Port", identifies the main stages and elements of the terminal. Basic approaches to the design of offshore grain terminals are considered. The analysis of existing systems of automation of
more » ... work of marine terminals is carried out. The main types of operations and their sequence are analyzed using the example of an operating maritime grain terminal. The system of interacting arriving transport and elements of the grain complex is revealed. In order to determine the optimal technical and technological parameters of the operation of the maritime grain terminal, two optimality criteria and a system of functional constraints on the criteria values are proposed. The target function in the model of operation of the grain terminal is the time of finding the grain at the terminal. On the basis of methods of queuing theory, a mathematical model for the realization of grain transshipment under the conditions of operation of a sea grain terminal has been developed. It is noted that the number of arrivals at time t per transport terminal is a random variable given by the Poisson distribution. The modeling task was to find, at given values of uncontrolled parameters, in the range of permissible values of varied parameters, those values at which the optimal combination of optimality criteria values is achieved. An interactive simulation model of the operation of the maritime grain terminal was implemented using AnyLogic system. The functionality of the software allows you to use event and agent elements for object modeling. The programming is done in Java. The system provides the ability to set various input parameters and simulation in real time or accelerating processes, which allows for modeling long-term operations.
doi:10.31498/2522-9990222020211359 fatcat:oflqdg3ilbb2tjka63d7nbcuzq