Study of high temperature coupling in the Context of Strength

Sneha Mahajan, P Damle
2015 unpublished
Couplings can be considered as the backbone of the mechanical conveyance industry. The study focuses on the need to predict the surface temperature of a heavy duty machined coupling for aerospace application so as to optimize the weight of the component for the required load bearing capacity. Weight is one of the crucial factors for the aerospace industry. A machined V-band coupling secures peripheral flanges at mating ends of first and second coupling members together. The coupling includes
more » ... oupling includes two V-retainers disposed in end-to-end relation for circumferential receipt over considerably 360 degrees of the peripheral flanges. A transfer function has been developed with the help of statistical and theoretical equations to note the practical thermal behaviour throughout the coupling when subjected to high temperature and pressure due to internal fluid flow. The study takes concern of the structural integrity at all failure modes of the coupling. A Monte Carlo Simulation has been carried out to analyze the structural integrity of the coupling at high temperature. The objective is to frame a design methodology to optimize the design parameters so as to save on weight of the coupling. Index Terms-high temperature coupling, weight optimization, coupling design methodology.