Mechanical Behavior of Polymeric Membrane: Comparison between PDMS and PMMA for Micro Fluidic Application

Houaria Bourbaba, Chellali Ben achaiba, Bouanini Mohamed
2013 Energy Procedia  
The list of polymers is long each it presents very interesting mechanical advantages. In this paper we interest more especially to two polymers extensively used in the MEMS and more especially in micro-valve actuators, the PDMS and PMMA. Our goal is to study the mechanical behavior of the two polymeric membrane subjected to equal pressure could drag deformation. We have simulate the mechanical behavior by hyper elastic model of Neo-Hookean and linear elastic in order to compare between the two
more » ... re between the two materials in view of amplitude deformation on one hand, and on the other hand we present the numerical conditions thus (the effect of the step, thickness, number of mesh) in order to optimize the dimensionality of the membrane
doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2013.07.026 fatcat:rzdwxlnzuze3tac6pe7m4xtfqu