Sally Robertson
2018 Journal of Problem-Based Learning  
Editorial Nursing, like other health professions, is a self-regulated profession with professional codes and guidelines (NMBA, 2016, NMBA, 2018, ICN, 2012 developed by the profession and approved by representatives of the profession through a range of regulatory bodies, including in the case of nursing, the Nurses and Midwives Board of Australia. Moreover, health professionals have an obligation to practice competently and this means exhibiting behaviours and attitudes reflecting competence as
more » ... et out in the standards and other codes of professional and ethical conduct. There is an assumption that the standards are widely understood and used by the membership of the profession. For over 30 years my professional life, as a clinician and an academic, has been informed by a set of Competency
doi:10.24313/jpbl.2018.5.2.1 fatcat:zzj7rss5wjbkzo5lwtiqtin7sq