Searching Images of Kengtung: An Old Walled City Town

Khin Htay
2019 Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering B  
Geopolitically Kengtung region was located in a most strategic place in Myanmar. It shares borders with China on the north and Thailand on the east. Kengtung is a place which forms a significant historical site in the easternmost part of Myanmar. From the geopolitical point of view, the region was located in a most strategic place. Its situation forced to safeguard the region. The town lies on a critical point of Myanmar's defences. The restriction of exacting money as a yearly tribute did not
more » ... oncern for Kengtung. The tradition of paying homage was appeased to the King. The ruling Sawbwa which achieved the valuable return presents of the Burmese King. Kengtung came in the first class, and was the most important of the Myanmar's possessions east of the Thanlwin River. Its position may be roughly judged by the tribute paid to the King and the contigent it was bound to supply to the royal army. Therefore, Kengtung was very important for the security of Myanmar's eastern frontier during the Konbaung period. It was like a small Union within an Empire together with multinational races of Myanmar. A good deed of past events blanket over the town till today.
doi:10.17265/2162-5263/2019.02.003 fatcat:pogowkfuord3he742jurbse7va