Pharmacognostical and Pharmaceutical evaluation of Bilwadi taila: An Ayurvedic oil based medicine

Abhishek Singh, Sarika Makwana, DB Vaghela, CR Harisha, VJ Shukla
2019 The Journal of Phytopharmacology  
Bilwadi Taila is a Sneha Kalpana, indicated in Karna Roga specially in Badhirya Roga. In present study, it has been used for Karnapurana in Badhirya Roga. Objective: Present study is aimed to look out on Apakva Bilwa phala majja (Raw drug) used in the preparation of Bilwadi Taila and standardization of Pharmacognostical, Physicochemical parameters and HPTLC evaluation. Methods: Raw Drug identification and authentication was done by pharmacognostical study i.e. Morphological features,
more » ... c characters and powder microscopy. Physicochemical evaluation and HPTLC was carried out of final product. Results: Pharmacognostical Study of Apakva Bilwa phala majja (Raw Drug) showed presence of Scleroids, Spoon cells, Tannin containg cells, Cluster crystal, Rosette crystal, Oil globules, Lignified fibres etc. Pharmaceutical evaluation showed results specific gravity 0.9376, Refractive Index 1.4870, Acid Value 5.37,Saponification Value 210.77, Iodine Value 11.High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography at 254nm and 366 nm results in to 8,4 and 6 spots before and after spray respectively. Conclusion: Identification, Authentication of Herbal drug used in the preparation and Raw Drug has been done. Physicochemical evaluation has been carried out of Bilwadi Taila, which is further useful for standardization and another researches.
doi:10.31254/phyto.2019.8208 fatcat:k6ajftl5jjeh3minmxhq5igzqm