Dogs that Learn Trades

1888 Scientific American  
400 reason that when a. body is suddenly set free from the outer edge of a. revolving disk or carriage, that body, owing to the centripetal force, will follow a curved path, therefore, the projectile carriers are mounted to admit of a certain amount of outward play in order to counteract to a certain extent their tendency· toward a curvilinear trajectory. The gun can be used as a mor tar for high angle fire or close siege work, and is also adapted for long range. The journals on each side of
more » ... on each side of the wheels are provided with flanges and concentric disks (see Fig. 2 ) which revolve on sleeves extending on the inside of the journals. These concentric disks have the firing bolts attached to the peripheries {see Fig.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12291888-400 fatcat:lwyxq4p4wfcifebhvwgwyy73uq