Jovica Jovanović
2000 Acta Medica Medianae  
The rheumatic diseases are present to a high percentage in the working - active population. There is a great number of professional causes of the diseases as well as specific job's requirements that can unfavorably affect the emergence and the evolution of the rheumatic diseases. The evaluation of the working ability is a procedure that correlates and brings into accord the job's requirements with the morphological- functional state of the engaged systems and of the organs of the exposed
more » ... the exposed worker. This is a very delicate and responsible task aiming at placing the worker at such a job that most corresponds to his psycho-physical characteristics, that is, at a job at which he will best carry out his assigned duties without violating his health. The proper attitude in evaluating the working ability of the rheumatic patients is an important step to be taken in order to prevent the rheumatic disease complications. The removal of the sick worker from the job at which there are some potential professional disease causes as well as the requirements that unfavorably affect the bone-joint, muscular and vascular system of the exposed worker represents an important therapeutic and preventive measure since it can slow down the disease's evolution and thus ease the workers' troubles. The recognition of the professional disease, of the bodily damage and of the right to the care and aid represents an important assistance to the sick worker thus helping him to exert his right concerning the medical, social and disabled protection.
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