Application of Modified Flower Pollination Algorithm to Multiple Vehicle Routing Problems with Time Constraints

2020 WSEAS transactions on systems and control  
The aim of this research is to apply the modified flower pollination algorithm (MoFPA) to the multiplevehicle routing problems (MVRP) with the time constraints. As one of the latest enhanced versions of the originalflower pollination algorithm (FPA), the MoFPA utilizes the randomly switching probability for selection betweenlocal (self) and global (cross) pollinations in order to search for the better solutions and improve its searchperformance. In this paper, the MoFPA is applied to solve the
more » ... plied to solve the MVRP problems with the time constraints basedon the modern optimization approach. Ten standard MVRP problems with the time constraints consisting ofapproximately 100–500 destinations are selected and solved by the MoFPA. Results obtained by the MoFPA arecompared with those obtained by original FPA, genetic algorithm (GA), tabu search (TS) and particle swarmoptimization (PSO). Results reveals that the MoFPA can provide optimal solutions of all ten selected MVRPproblems with shorter total distance than FPA, PSO, TS and GA, respectively. In addition, the execution timeconsumed by FPA and MoFPA are less than PSO, TS and GA, respectively.
doi:10.37394/23203.2020.15.46 fatcat:cffvgt2bebhz3gmalvvv6p4fbu