Electro-Kinetic Remediation of Nickel from Contaminated Soil Using Bio remedies Banana Peels and Surfactant-Enhanced

Laith Hamdan Hawal, Lubna Al-Zubaidi, Serror Atta Allah
2021 Journal of Ecological Engineering  
Abstract. Pollution of the soil by different types of heavy metals is one of the most important problems of the environment. The present study used an electro-kinetic remediation, which is one of the important advanced techniques for the removal nickel from contaminated sandy soil. The study includes many experiments with different pH electrode purging solutions (distilled water at pH of 3, 5 and 7). Anionic surfactant (sodium dioctyl sulfosuccinate, AOT) was used for washing soil as
more » ... soil as surfactant-enhanced remediation. Bio remedies banana peels (BP) were utilized as eco-friendly, low cost and adsorbent materials to avoid reverse osmosis that effects on the removal process. The results indicated that the greatest removal efficiency (65.2%) was achieved at the pH of purging solution (3) in comparison with pH of (5 and 7). This means that when the pH of the purging solution decreases, the removal efficiency increases. Using AOT as a soil-washing solution increased nickel dissolution and desorption from surface of the soil. Then, the AOT micelles containing nickel easily migrated to the cathode chamber by flow of the electro osmotic; thus, the removal efficiency increased (74.8%). In conclusion, the use of AOT is effective in enhancing nickel removal through the electro kinetic remediation. Bio remedies using banana peels is considered as a successful adsorbent material to avoid the reverse osmosis flow, this will give a new thought for the application these products as adsorption medium.
doi:10.12911/22998993/135315 doaj:b02c2346945a4b9ca4dc93851ce5b0f3 fatcat:sqrjfayjzvfofflvqvdnkextda