An Implementation of a Shuttle Box Sequencing Algorithm

Isamu Matsuura, Tomio Hirata
2014 Journal of Textile Engineering  
A shuttle loom is a weaving machine prevailing in the textile industry. In order to weave a fabric consisting of several kinds of weft yarns with a shuttle loom, we need to design a movement sequence of the shuttle box apparatus. The less distance of the apparatus movements, the more stable operation of the loom is possible. To minimize the distance of the apparatus movements, an algorithm based on dynamic programming was proposed. In this paper, we implement this algorithm and experimentally
more » ... nd experimentally show that our program finds an optimal solution in less than ten seconds for problem instances with up to 300 weft yarns.
doi:10.4188/jte.60.83 fatcat:kirw3uoabrct3jox2iug5plj6e