Design Engineering-A Tool Leading to Review of Seawater Desalination Techniques

M Shah, N Parmar
Design Engineering is defined as a process, leading to the development of new technologies, which refers to the outcome of innovative ideas through various brain storming activities. Source for the design thinking process originates from the various problems existing in the environment. Research survey carried out in the present paper focus on the area of work which is environmentally, socially and economically important for our nation's growth, referring to tourism. Scarcity of pure water is a
more » ... growing threat to the healthy, hygienic and clean environment of the tourist places. Survey study indicates that the reason for such scarcity is due to various geographical and other conditions prevailing in that area. So, review on the problem regarding availability of fresh or pure water along the drier area of tourists' places has been reviewed through the entire process of design engineering and concluded that seawater desalination plant powered by solar energy produces freshwater and dry salt, satisfying the criteria of both, eco-friendly and economic feasibility.