Ground-state energies and widths ofHe5andLi5nuclei

V. D. Efros, H. Oberhummer
1996 Physical Review C  
We extract energies and widths of the ground states of ^5He and ^5Li from recent single--level R--matrix fits to the spectra of the ^3H( d,γ)^5He and the ^3He( d,γ)^5Li reactions. The widths obtained differ significantly from the formal R--matrix values but they are close to those measured as full widths at half maxima of the spectra in various experiments. The energies are somewhat lower than those given by usual estimates of the peak positions. The extracted values are close to the S--matrix
more » ... oles calculated previously from the multi--term analyses of the N-^4He elastic scattering data.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.54.1485 pmid:9971487 fatcat:mhmtqrmzsne5zivmi7bslphnf4