Effects of Thermal Neutrons and Gamma Rays on Seeds of Antirrhinum majus and Their Modification by Water Content and Oxygen Concentration

M. N. Gupta, T. MATSUO
It is well known that radiosensitivity of a plant varies with its genotype, and the effects of ionizing radiations are modified by a number of environmental factors under which the material is irradiated. The purpose of the present investigations was to study the effects of different exposures of thermal neutrons, and gamma rays on F1 seeds of Antirrhinum majus and to study the modifying effects of water content and oxygen concentration, in order to determine the most suitable exposure and
more » ... onmental conditions for large scale irradiation of seeds of Antirrhinuin majus for induction of beneficial mutations.
doi:10.3769/radioisotopes.18.2_52 fatcat:r6umokrhmjabdiunpoicmp6liy