Comparative results of the state exams of dentistry during three academic years

Taimi Santos-Velazquez, Tamara Portelles-Morales, Eduardo Inocencio López-Herrera
2019 Revista Electrónica Dr. Zoilo E. Marinello Vidaurreta  
the state exams constitute the certification of the graduate competence. Analyzing the results obtained in this form of assessment is useful to detect deficiencies in the teaching-learning process.Objective: to describe, in a comparative way, the results of the state exams of the specialty of dentistry at the University of Medical Sciences of Las Tunas, during the academic years 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.Methods: a descriptive, longitudinal, retrospective study was carried out in the
more » ... arried out in the specialty of dentistry of the "Dr. Zoilo Enrique Marinello Vidaurreta" Faculty of Medical Sciences of the aforementioned university and during the academic years defined in the objective. The study population consisted of 205 students who took the examination in the first call. The study included the analysis of the grades obtained at the practical and theoretical examinations, the quality of the results, the description of the subjects and the topics where the greatest difficulties in the theoretical examinations were detected. The data were processed according to descriptive statistics.Results: the best grades, prevailing over 90 points, were obtained in the practical exams. In the theoretical exams, grades from 80 to 89 prevailed. The quality of the results has been gradually increasing per academic year. The subjects Prosthetic Rehabilitation I and Orthodontics had the most difficult topics.Conclusions: the results of the state exams of dentistry were described at the University of Medical Sciences of Las Tunas, during three academic years.
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