Partial teleportation of entanglement in a noisy environment

Jinhyoung Lee, M. S. Kim, Y. J. Park, S. Lee
2000 Journal of Modern Optics  
Partial teleportation of entanglement is to teleport one particle of an entangled pair through a quantum channel. This is conceptually equivalent to quantum swapping. We consider the partial teleportation of entanglement in the noisy environment, employing the Werner-state representation of the noisy channel for the simplicity of calculation. To have the insight of the many-body teleportation, we introduce the measure of correlation information and study the transfer of the correlation
more » ... orrelation information and entanglement. We find that the fidelity gets smaller as the initial-state is entangled more for a given entanglement of the quantum channel. The entangled channel transfers at least some of the entanglement to the final state.
doi:10.1080/09500340008235138 fatcat:vnsuigiskfdwvdblpophaiqc7q