Next Generation Plasma Cell for PWFA Experiments at PITZ

Osip Lishilin, Reinhard Brinkmann, Johannes Engel, Matthias Groß, Florian Grüner, Gerald Koss, Gregor Loisch, Sebastian Philipp, Dieter Richter, Carl Schroeder, Rico Schütze, Frank Stephan
A proof-of-principle experiment for the AWAKE experiment is ongoing at the Photo-Injector Test Facility at DESY, Zeuthen site (PITZ). The goal of the experiment is to observe and measure the energy and density self-modulation of a long electron beam passing through a laser-generated Lithium plasma*. Key devices of the experiment are a heat pipe based plasma cell, a photocathode laser system which enables production of long electron beams with sharp rising edges and well-developed diagnostics at
more » ... PITZ, including a transverse deflecting cavity and a high-resolution electron spectrometer. In this report we present the current status of the experiment, including the latest updates of the experimental setup. The plasma cell is a lithium heat pipe oven with inert gas buffers at all input/output ports. An ArF ionization laser is coupled through side ports. Main improvements of the second generation plasma cell are an altered geometry of side arms and a new heat pipe design. Among other updates are an improved ArF laser beamline and new electron windows. We present here measurements of plasma density and homogeneity as well as results of beam transport studies for the experiment.
doi:10.3204/pubdb-2017-13422 fatcat:fsbvuhnibfhq3hoam26vteusxm