Synthesis of Zeolite X From Waste Basalt Powder And Its Efficient Adsorption of Uranyl Ions In Solution [post]

Yong Ai, Na Yin, Yanquan Ouyang, Yuanxin Xu, Pengfei Yang
2021 unpublished
In order to make full use of waste as raw materials to prepare low-cost zeolite, develop green chemical industry and achieve the purpose of treating waste with waste. High-purity zeolite X was prepared by the alkaline fusion hydrothermal method (AFH) using waste basalt powder as raw material, and was used as an adsorbent to investigate the adsorption performance for uranium-containing wastewater. The structure, morphology, specific surface area, chemical composition, chemical bonds,
more » ... ic functional groups and chemical states of surface elements of the samples were characterized by XRD, SEM, BET, EDS, FT-IR and XPS. zeolite X with high crystallinity and rich hydroxyl/carboxyl groups was successfully synthesized by the AFH method, and its specific surface area was as high as 623.4 m2·g-1. When the adsorption time (t) is 720 min, the adsorption temperature (T) is 30 ℃, the initial uranium (VI) concentration is (C0) 35 mg/L, pH is 6.0, and the adsorbent dosage (m) is 5/35 mg/mL, the equilibriu adsorption capacity of zeolite X for uranyl ions is 228.4 mg·g-1. Thermodynamic results show that the adsorption process of uranyl ions by zeolite X is spontaneous and exothermic. Freundlich isotherms and quasi-second-order models are suitable to describe the adsorption process of uranyl ions by zeolite X. XPS analysis results show that -OH and -COOH play an important role in the adsorption process. At the same time, there is ion exchange between UO22+ and zeolite during the adsorption process.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:eygoyn4kszashocg6xcjtzhwn4