FY 1977 Progress report, Compressed air energy storage advanced systems analysis [report]

D.K. Kreid, M.A. McKinnon
1978 unpublished
Pacific Northwest Laboratory Richland, Washington 99352 Operated for the U.S. Departmenr of Energy by v m -Memorial Inslitut~ N O T I C E Thls rtporr was prewred u an account of work sponsored by the United Stater Government. Neither the United ate nw the Deprment of E n w , nor any at t M r employw, nor any of their conrracton. subconuactors, or their unployum, makes any warranty, exprms or implid, or assume any legal liabdhy or mpwibility for the accuracy, mmpletcnesr or u~f u l n c u of any
more » ... nformation, apparatus, p d u a or process dido&, or rcprents that itJ use would not infringe privattly o w d rights. The views, opinions and concluriom contained in this report are thon of the conlnctar and do not necesanly represent those of the United %ate5 Government or the United Stares Depamnent of Energy. PACIFIC NORTHVJEST LABORATORY operated by BATTELLE for the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT O F ENERGY Under Contraa EY-76C-067830 Printed In the Unrtcd Stare of A m K l Awalhbk t m l y a~t o d Technical Infornutinn k w i c e Unrted Statm DcprrtmPnt of Commcm $ a 5 P w f Royal R d SpringliaM, Virginia 2 2 1 ! i l Rice: Printad Cop) Lo: M l m f i S3.m Operated by BATTELLE MEMORIAL INSTITUTE * parison, we define a base design which adequately represents the s t a t e of the a r t f o r conventional CAES technology. W e then provide preliminary economic analyses of those particular modifications which appear t o provide significant progress toward the reduction of fossil fuel consumption. e pressurized hot water, high temperature porous reservoirs (aquifers), hot o i l , and fusible s a l t s .
doi:10.2172/5010148 fatcat:zqtjo3q7trdg5nrk4hxcwj4i6e