Investigating Effects of Online Learning Management Tools on English Language Learning Among Undergraduate Students During COVID-19, at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazir Abad

2020 Journal of Education and Practice  
The aim of this study is to investigate an 'effects of Online Learning Management Tools on English Language learning among undergraduate students at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University. This study investigates the experiences and perceptions of teachers and the effects of online LMS on English language learners about online learning management tools. A mix-method and explanatory design was selected to achieve the objective of this study. This study applied mix method approach to collect data. The
more » ... o collect data. The data was gathered in a descriptive form with respect to the scope and nature of the issue. The quantitative data used Qualtrics, and then the data was analyzed with SPSS statistical software package. In a qualitative phase, the semi-structured interviews were conducted from the participants through google meet application and data was analyzed through thematic analysis. This study concludes that, an idea of LMS is important in these day which actually reduces the distance communication problem among the specific participants. Different contents can be added such as video, audio, text documents and special types of class announcement. There are certain technical as well as student's personal reasons that create gap in online learning; such as network problems which most often disconnect the teachers and students to completely convey and understand the lecture. Introduction 1.1 Online Learning Management System In this modern world, we live in an age of technology. Societies are mostly dependent on the technology. In addition, our small works depend on technology. Computers and internet are the important part of every field specifically in education. In education use of technology is necessary. Especially in second and foreign language learning and teaching. Computer base learning and teaching have the fundamental role in education. In this regard, it is famous as learning management tools (LMS). Further, LMS provides new learning and teaching ways such as Audio, Video, Cognitive and Communicative approaches. In this regard, LMS supports new learning skills more effectively than old methods of language teaching. LMS (Learning Management tools) is platform for the administration, official documentation, reporting daily activities, educational courses activities and teaching and learning programs. Nowadays this world is known as a global era, so in this situation everyone wants to connect with each other because of different purpose for international business, education, politics, international computer communication and internet, sports, technology due to sharing information with each other. Therefore, it is need of international inhabitants who wants to communicate with each other for different purposes and they want to be associated and communicate and want to share their ideas. They keenly corporate with each other for their different daily routine purposes, so for that reason they want a special and international and global language for mutual communication which is equally and universally accepted with global citizen. It is a renowned proverb that "Necessity is the mother of invention". According to Anne Johnson in "The rise of English", (cited in Macalester international vol.22, p.131). The English language is an international language because 380 million people communicate in English as their native language or first language and 2/3 people use it as a second language in the world. According to Fauzia Shamim that the English is became a lingua franca and it plays a vital role for the development of socioeconomic development, educational, politics, international computer communication and internet, sports, technology and sharing information about different purpose and build up mutual association. No doubt number of people are also still associated with each other due to English language communication.
doi:10.7176/jep/11-31-11 fatcat:7osdmnbpvbbafoxhvtm6dj6wsu