Convenient Synthesis of 1-Oxa-3,8-diazaspiro [4,5] Decan-2-ones

R. Somanathan, I. A. Rivero, G. I. Nuñez, L. H. Hellberg
1994 Synthetic Communications  
Some new spiro bicyclic compounds possessing one 1,2-dioxane ring and one γ-lactone ring were successfully synthesized by manganese(III)-based reaction of 1,1-diarylethenes and 2-acetylbutyrolactone under air. The procedure was simple and the product yield was high. The NMR spectrometric features of the products were analyzed and the reaction mechanism is briefly discussed.
doi:10.1080/00397919408011753 fatcat:dkujdxuy2bd4xl4xcaebiijtki