Sesquiterpenes from the Secondary Metabolites of Streptomyces sp. (YIM 56130)

Zhi Yang, Yabin Yang, Xueqiong Yang, Yong Zhang, Lixing Zhao, Lihua Xu, Zhongtao Ding
2011 Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin  
Streptomyces are Gram-positive bacteria known for their production of an enormous variety of biologically active secondary metabolites, including antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and anticancer agents. 1) Streptomyces sp. (YIM 56130) was a plant endophyte from Drymaria diandra. Through the bioactivity screening, this strain was found to show cytotoxicity to HL-60, P388D1 and A549, and show antibacterial activity to Escherichia coli. As a part of our ongoing search for new and potent antitumor
more » ... tural products from actinomycetes, the chemical investigation on the yeast of this bacterium was carried out. Three new sesquiterpenes (1-3) have been isolated, and their structures were elucidated by two-dimensional (2D)-NMR and high-resolution (HR)-MS as caryolane-1,7a-diol (1), 1,6,11-eudesmanetriol; (1a,6b)form (2), 11-eudesmene-1,6-diol; (1a,6b)-form (3). Nine known compounds were also isolated and elucidated as caryolane-1,9a-diol (4), 2) 2-methyl-5-nonanol (5), 3) soyasaponin I (6), 4) cyclo (Ala-Leu) (7), 5) homononatinic acid (8), 6) bsitosteryl glucoside-3Ј-O-heptadecoicate (9), 7) 2Ј-deoxythymidine (10), 8) 2Ј-deoxyuridine (11), 9) trehalose (12). 10)
doi:10.1248/cpb.59.1430 pmid:22041086 fatcat:fq3axv6ukvhd3h2rqbsoa277gq