Machine-checked ZKP for NP-relations: Formally Verified Security Proofs and Implementations of MPC-in-the-Head [article]

José Carlos Bacelar Almeida
2021 arXiv   pre-print
MPC-in-the-Head (MitH) is a general framework that allows constructing efficient Zero Knowledge protocols for general NP-relations from secure multiparty computation (MPC) protocols. In this paper we give the first machine-checked implementation of this transformation. We begin with an EasyCrypt formalization of MitH that preserves the modular structure of MitH and can be instantiated with arbitrary MPC protocols that satisfy standard notions of security, which allows us to leverage an existing
more » ... machine-checked secret-sharing-based MPC protocol development. The resulting concrete ZK protocol is proved secure and correct in EasyCrypt. Using a recently developed code extraction mechanism for EasyCrypt we synthesize a formally verified implementation of the protocol, which we benchmark to get an indication of the overhead associated with our formalization choices and code extraction mechanism.
arXiv:2104.05516v3 fatcat:uytuhvwdxratpel7fh3etledji