Cultures and Disasters [book]

Fred Krüger
Hardback: £90.00 978-0-415-74558-1 Why did the people of the Zambesi Delta affected by severe flooding return early to their homes or even choose to not evacuate? How is the forced resettlement of small-scale farmers living along the foothills of an active volcano on the Philippines impacting on their day-to-day livelihood routines? Making sense of such questions and observations is only possible by understanding how the decision-making of societies at risk is embedded in culture, and how
more » ... ention measures acknowledge, or neglect, cultural settings. The social construction of risk is being given increasing priority in understand how people experience and prioritize hazards in their own lives and how vulnerability can be reduced, and resilience increased, at a local level.
doi:10.4324/9781315797809 fatcat:yhqydk53tfgrdh2l2dcp2x4a4u