Branes, central charges and U-duality invariant BPS conditions

Sergio Ferrara, Juan Maldacena
1998 Classical and quantum gravity  
In extended supergravity theories there are p-brane solutions preserving different numbers of supersymmetries, depending on the charges, the spacetime dimension and the number of original supersymmetries (8, 16 or 32). We find U-duality invariant conditions on the quantized charges which specify the number of supersymmetries preserved with a particular charge configuration. These conditions relate U-duality invariants to the picture of intersecting branes. The analysis is carried out for all
more » ... ended supergravities with 16 or 32 supersymmetries in various dimensions.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/15/4/004 fatcat:xtq5v4edwzatjpdfbeembvbxse