Efficient Algebraic Effect Handlers for Prolog [article]

Amr Hany Saleh, Tom Schrijvers
2016 arXiv   pre-print
Recent work has provided delimited control for Prolog to dynamically manipulate the program control-flow, and to implement a wide range of control-flow and dataflow effects on top of. Unfortunately, delimited control is a rather primitive language feature that is not easy to use. As a remedy, this work introduces algebraic effect handlers for Prolog, as a high-level and structured way of defining new side-effects in a modular fashion. We illustrate the expressive power of the feature and
more » ... an implementation by means of elaboration into the delimited control primitives. The latter add a non-negligible performance overhead when used extensively. To address this issue, we present an optimised compilation approach that combines partial evaluation with dedicated rewrite rules. The rewrite rules are driven by a lightweight effect inference that analyses what effect operations may be called by a goal. We illustrate the effectiveness of this approach on a range of benchmarks. This article is under consideration for acceptance in TPLP.
arXiv:1608.00816v1 fatcat:r4d6xxezenc4batanbwns7mujq