Innovative Culture оf Company аs а Factor оf Development

Бранка Пољашевић
In developed countries for a very long time, exist an opinion that growth of the production could be realized much faster thanks to technological or not technological innovations, and thanks to ability of employees to think on creative way and creating something new. As well, there is accepted opinion that innovations and intellectual capital currently have importance as capital; labours and land have had at the time of industrial society. Because of all mention above, in this work it is given
more » ... s work it is given attention to significance of innovations for developing of a society. Special attention is devoted to necessity of developing an innovative culture of company, in other words creating such ambient in company in which creative individual will be able to efficiently work on their ideas. In that process mast important role play management of company, which have at disposal a lot of motivations instruments and some techniques to give incentive for innovative way of thinking and working to employees, and that is very important factor of company sustainability and progress.
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