Insect Behavior [book]

Robert W. Matthews, Janice R. Matthews
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more » ... iness Media ( v vi Preface to the Second Edition Like any writers of a general textbook, we recognize a deep obligation to many others-to those of whose work we write, to other authors whose ideas we use, to our own teachers who have shaped our perspectives and interests, and to our students, friends and colleagues with their many stimulating and invaluable suggestions and criticisms. We also thank the many scientists and journal editors who have freely granted permission for the use of published material. Many colleagues have generously provided us with photographs, which are acknowledged in the credits list; special thanks are due to Douglas W. Whitman for contributing numerous new images and to Robert E. Silberglied and Carl W. Rettenmeyer, both now deceased, whose photographic talent continues to enhance this edition. We also are especially grateful to
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