To Oppose

Maximilian Steinbeis, Fachinformationsdienst Für Internationale Und Interdisziplinäre Rechtsforschung
2022 Verfassungsblog: On Matters Constitutional  
To Oppose Maximilian Steinbeis 21 Januar 2022 Go outside, gather and protest: you can just do that. You don't need permission, not from the authorities nor from anyone else, you don't have to justify yourself and give reasons and be right about them. You oppose, and you are allowed to express your opposition, collectively and for all to see, hear and feel. Freedom of assembly is a fundamental political right in the most literal sense, just like freedom of
more » ... , of which it is the collective expression. Collective opposition. As a citizen, you have to be allowed to it. As a matter of constitutional law. Being allowed to oppose, it seems, is something that these days mainly COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers insist on: oppose vaccination, masks, distance requirements and generally everything the security state has tried to minimize the danger of infection in the last two years with. However, unvaccinated, unmasked, undistanced collective protest is in turn linked to risks of infection which may justify the regulation or even prohibition of that very collective protest in concrete individual cases and in a proportionate way. As a state, you have to be allowed to it. As a matter of administrative law.
doi:10.17176/20220122-060147-0 fatcat:eaauko7tmjezzom4ljdimy6r3q