A comparative study of anthropometric variables of female softball players with non-softball players

Daksh Sharma
2017 228 International Journal of Physical Education, Sports and Health   unpublished
To fulfill the purpose of these study total sixty girls between the age group of 18-20 years were selected as subjects for the study. Out of these 30 girls was Softball players, who participated at College level competition and other thirty girls were Non-players, who never took active part in any event or game at any age level. The purpose of the study was to compare the anthropometric variables of Softball players and Non-Softball players. Various body measurement including linear diameters,
more » ... ircumferences and skin folds were taken by following standard technique of Tanner et al (1969). Somototype were assessed with the help of Health and Carter method (1967). Percentage of body fat was estimated by applying the equation of Slaughter et al. (1980). Means, standard deviation and independent student't' test were used as statistical tools. It was found that Softball players were slightly heavier and taller than the Non-Softball players, however the differences were Non-significant. They also posses significantly low rating of Endomorphy and waist circumference than Non-Softball players. Results of this study depicted that rural Non-Softball players being physically active did not differentiate much than the Softball players.