Control of Fifth Instar Beet Armyworm Larvae on Chrysanthemum, Summer, California, 1985

H. A. Yoshida, R. L. Robb, J. K. Virzi, M. P. Parrella
1986 Arthropod Management Tests  
Materials were applied to individual 4-wk-old chrysanthemum plants, cvs. Hurricane, with a 1-gal B&G sprayer at 60 psi 27 Aug. Five fifth-stage larvae were immediately placed on each plant and confined with an inverted, ventilated 1-qt plastic container. Mortality was assessed after 48 h and each surviving larva was placed individually on untreated commercial beet armyworm diet. Mortality was assessed every 48 h thereafter until all surviving larvae had pupated. To correct for differences in
more » ... aping larvae between treatments, the data were expressed as percent mortality for each ceplicate. Arcsin square root transformations were performed on the data prior to ANOVA.
doi:10.1093/iat/11.1.380b fatcat:5dzxoqt265ge3i6cxpeuzasura