Research on Practical Teaching Mode of Military service education Based on Operational Flow

Lin Zhang
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2017)   unpublished
Aiming at the problems existing in the teaching of military service education at present, the practical teaching mode is studied with the core of operational process and all factors. According to the characteristics of the curriculum and teaching objectives, the basic principles, specific methods and the key issues that should be grasped are put forward under the guidance of the pro-experience teaching theory. Based on the problem-based seminars, war-based heuristic, tactical operating system
more » ... operating system based on the scheduled work, based on the combat simulation system, integrated exercises and naval units based on actual combat exercises and other practical teaching model draws on the unit's post war operational processes, The change from proxy teaching to pro-experience teaching can realize the logic of practice instead of the logic of knowledge, and put the requirements of actual combat training into practice in all aspects of combat personnel training to ensure that teaching can further focus on actual combat and move closer to the troops to promote the teaching process and combat docking process. Due to its practical requirements such as military proximity, comprehensiveness of factors and creativity of thinking, the military basic course requires learners to learn through personal and direct experience. Therefore, military teaching should adopt a teaching mode based on the operational process. The core of this mode is the unification of learning and operational processes. That is, the teaching process refers to the combat process of serving positions in the military and integrates related theoretical knowledge and professional skills , Command ability, style development and requirements, from proxy teaching to pro-experience teaching, practical logic to replace the logic of logic, and promote the combat process and the docking process of teaching. The Basis of Military Teaching Mode Selection Basis The Characteristics of Military Basic Courses. The purpose of studying the characteristics of military teaching lies in analyzing and recognizing the particularity of the contradiction in military teaching and laying the foundation for the study of military teaching theory and practice. Closeness The purpose of military teaching is to improve the students' tactical thinking and the ability to organize and direct combat. Such improvement in level and ability can be achieved only through training under conditions of actual combat. By adopting this content and selecting and applying the organizational form of military teaching , Methods and means to maximize to create a teaching environment close to combat, to enable students to produce similar psychological activities, feel and overcome various psychological difficulties, so as to withstand the actual combat training. comprehensive Combining military ideology, military command, military geography, military logistics, military meteorology, military technology, military (military) and foreign military knowledge into a single furnace, it is necessary to solve the problems encountered in combat command and thinking, But also to solve the problems of skills and skills in combat command; it is necessary to develop both intellectual and non-intellectual factors. Continuity The implementation process of military teaching is a process that is carried out on a stage-by-stage basis and from sub-level to advanced level. The various stages of combat and the
doi:10.2991/mcei-17.2017.79 fatcat:jy5osmdc5bfyjj74jlgarhdsl4