Contact Analysis of a Helical Gear with Involute Profile

J Satish, M Tech, Y Suresh Kumar
Gears are toothed wheels designed to transmit torque to another gear. The teeth of gears are shaped to minimize wear, vibration, and noise, and to maximize the efficiency of power transmission. One of the main reason of the failure in the gear is bending stresses and vibrations. But the stresses are occurred due to the contact between two gears when power transmission process is started. Due to contact between two gears stresses are evolved, which are determined by using analyzing software
more » ... yzing software called ANSYS. Finding stresses has become most popular in research on gears to minimize the vibrations, bending stresses and reducing the mass percentage in gears. A two-wheeler gear component is considered for design and analysis where improvements are made to get maximized efficiency. Also, stresses are used to find the optimum design in the gears which reduces the chances of failure. In this project, two-wheeler gear model is generated by using CATIAV5 and ANSYS is used for numerical analysis. The analytical study is based on Hertz's equation. Study is conducted by varying the materials of the teeth and to find the change in Contact stresses between gears.