HDFx, a Natural Biologic is Associated with Elevated DNA Methylation, Reduced DNA Oxidation and Telomerases Down-regulation in Macrophages and Monocytes Derived from Surviving Animals Subjected to Experimental Shock and Burns: Males vs. Females and Relation to Resistance Against Bacterial & Viral Infections

2020 Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology  
Circulatory shock and burns are significant and sustained states of hypoperfusion and lead to decreases in circulating blood volume combined with decreased tissue and organ oxygenation. This hypoperfusion state often causes sepsis resulting in a state of "multiple organ failure" [1-3]. Due to severe body burns, battle field casualties are most susceptible to the latter resulting in numerous loss of lives.
doi:10.33140/jcei.05.05.001 fatcat:wtpfbc5s2zfwjfv7nneqdyy4q4