Quantum Technologies: A Review of the Patent Landscape [article]

Mathew Alex
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Quantum Technologies is a term that is getting broader with every passing year. Nanotechnology and electronics operate in this realm. With the invention of industry-disrupting algorithms like Shor's algorithm that can break RSA encryption on a quantum computer and Quantum Key Distribution, which offers unconditional security in theory, investment is pouring in. Here we taxonomize and analyze 48,577 patents in this area from 2015 to present captured with a comprehensive query in Relecura's
more » ... database. The author's subject experience, along with the company's AI-based tools and scholarly literature, were utilized to make this highly subjective choice of taxonomy. Though most Patent Landscape Analysis Reports consider a single technology, geography, or company, we have tried to give a holistic overview of these technologies as a whole due to their collaborative and intertwined nature. The physics of each technology and its role in the industry is briefly explained where possible.
arXiv:2102.04552v1 fatcat:aepal23gxferfkdihamytxab2i