Prognosis of Dynamic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams of Very High Strength Materials

An analysis of the dynamic load -carrying capacity of rectangular reinforced concrete deep beam considering the physical nonlinearities of structural materials: concrete and reinforcing steel, is the aim of the paper. The model of the elastic/visco-perfectly plastic material including dynamic yield criterion was applied for the reinforcing steel. The non-standard model of dynamic deformation, regarding the dynamic strength criterion and material softening was applied for the concrete. The
more » ... for description of deformation parameters of high strength concrete was included in the model. The method of structure effort analysis was developed using the finite element method. The comparative analyses of the obtained results for three different values of high strengths of concrete and one value of high yield stress for reinforcing steel were carried out in relation to the numerical results obtained for ordinary concrete and steel in case of dynamic loading. In these cases, the significant differences in behavior of reinforced concrete deep beams have been observed and described in detail. The effectiveness of the method analysis and computational algorithms for the problems of numerical simulation of reinforced concrete deep beam dynamic behavior was indicated in the paper. Obtaining the solutions requires making investigations in the range of the modelling dynamic, inelastic material properties, modelling of deformation processes of the plane structural elementreinforced concrete deep beam, and preparing numerical solutions. Modelling of structural material properties was carried out using the dynamic material models. The modified model of the elastic/visco-perfectly plastic material regarding delayed yield effect, was applied for the reinforcement steel [1]. The model of dynamic deformation was applied for the concrete [9, 12] . The basis of this model is the method of determination the initial dynamic yield surface. For this purpose, the structure of Campbell's dynamic yield criterion, was used [2]. Proposed criterion is an integral condition of attaining the dynamic strength [10] . The calculated dynamic strength is treated as a parameter in the constitutive equations, which describes the elastic- 258 W. CICHORSKI, A. STOLARSKI
doi:10.24425/ace.2020.131787 fatcat:2ukywobptvgwnp25pnacoqe23e