Analysis of Hot-Carrier Luminescence for Infrared Single-Photon Upconversion and Readout

H. Finkelstein, M. Gross, Yu-Hwa Lo, S. Esener
2007 IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics  
We propose and analyze a new method for singlephoton wavelength up-conversion using optical coupling between a primary infrared (IR) single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) and a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) silicon SPAD, which are fused through a silicon dioxide passivation layer. A primary IR photon induces an avalanche in the IR SPAD. The photons produced by hot-carrier recombination are subsequently sensed by the silicon SPAD, thus, allowing for on-die data processing.
more » ... processing. Because the devices are fused through their passivation layers, lattice mismatch issues between the semiconductor materials are avoided. We develop a model for calculating the conversion efficiency of the device, and use realistic device parameters to estimate up to 97% upconversion efficiency and 33% system efficiency, limited by the IR detector alone. The new scheme offers a low-cost means to manufacture dense IR-SPAD arrays, while significantly reducing their afterpulsing. We show that this high-speed compact method for upconverting IR photons is feasible and efficient. Index Terms-Avalanche photodiodes, single photon detectors, wavelength upconversion.
doi:10.1109/jstqe.2007.901884 fatcat:roj5fbpnsbae3ngemdeugvyrja