Long-term structural changes after mTBI and their relation to post-concussion symptoms

Philip J. A. Dean, Joao Ricardo Sato, Gilson Vieira, Adam McNamara, Annette Sterr
2015 Brain Injury  
Primary Objective: To investigate sustained structural changes in the long-term (>1 year) after mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), and their relationship to ongoing post-concussion syndrome (PCS). Research Design: Morphological and structural connectivity magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data were acquired from 16 participants with mTBI and 9 participants without previous head injury. Main Outcomes and Results: Participants with mTBI had less prefrontal grey matter and lower fractional
more » ... py (FA) in the anterior corona radiata and internal capsule. Furthermore, PCS severity was associated with less parietal lobe grey matter and lower FA in the corpus callosum. Conclusions: There is evidence for both white and grey matter damage in participants with mTBI over a year after injury. Furthermore, these structural changes are greater in those with report more PCS symptoms, suggesting a neurophysiological basis for these persistent symptoms.
doi:10.3109/02699052.2015.1035334 pmid:26067623 fatcat:knoixkhpabgujffkinbfojsmza