Local free-fall temperature of Gibbons-Maeda-Garfinkle-Horowitz-Strominger black holes

Yong-Wan Kim, Jaedong Choi, Young-Jai Park
2014 Physical Review D  
We obtain a (5+1)-dimensional global flat embedding of the Gibbons-Maeda-Garfinkle-Horowitz-Strominger spacetime in Einstein frame, and a (5+2)-dimensional global flat embedding in string frame. We show that the local free-fall temperatures for freely falling observers in each frames are finite at the event horizons, while the local temperatures for fiducial observers are divergent. We also observe that the local free-fall temperatures differ between the two frames.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.89.044004 fatcat:xjvat3kct5b4vd3etydyhiohyi