Improved User Anonymity Authentication Scheme using Smart Card for Traceability
추적 가능성을 위한 스마트카드 기반의 개선된 사용자 익명성 인증기법

Mi-Og Park
2012 Journal of the Korea Society of Computer and Information  
Authentication schemes preserving user anonymity have first been proposed by Das et al, and most of user anonymity schemes provide user anonymity against outside attacks in the communication channel. In this paper, according to the increasing of personal information exposure incidents by server attack, we propose a new authentication scheme that provides user anonymity against server as well as one against outside attacks in the communication channel. Furthermore, the proposed authentication
more » ... eme provides traceability that remote server should be able to trace the malicious user and it also solves the problem of increasing computational load of remote server by solving weakness of wrong password input by mistake.
doi:10.9708/jksci/2012.17.11.083 fatcat:zrrbcssgajf47pqwzq7rmgnap4