Review of An Integrated Air-Vinasse Treatment-To-Food, Energy, Water, And A Novel Mosquito-Combatant Soil Amendment

Lucina Kuusisto
2020 Journal of Biotechnology & Bioresearch  
Industrial waste has been an international concern for decades. In addition to pollution concerns, other problems assailing humanity include global hunger, lack of clean water in many parts of the world, and the rising cost of energy production. In order to remediate an environmental pollution issue, and, simultaneously, to generate three main items that are essential to humanity, the novel Integrated Air-Vinasse Treatment-to-Food, Energy, Water, and a Novel Mosquito-Combatant Soil Amendment
more » ... t Soil Amendment was conceptualized [1]. This report reviews the said novel integrated air-vinasse treatment-to-co-products process: TAOS (Three and One Significant products). In this study, other vinasse treatment alternatives are also reviewed. A succinct description of the five main stages of the TAOS process is summarized. Biogas treatment technologies are reviewed. The novel concept of a vinasse-generated mosquitocombatant fertilizer is revealed. A process flow diagram of the TAOS process is shown.
doi:10.31031/jbb.2020.02.000538 fatcat:qzbovx655zfe5isbyymok7usiy