Mechanical Inventions

1882 Scientific American  
A device to prevent nuts of rail bolts from being lOosened by contilllled vibrations has been patented by Mr. Walter B Johnson, of Waterloo, Ind. A metal strip that will fit between two adjoining nuts is riveted to the outer surface of a waeher plate, and is held a .hort distance from this plate by a small block. The bolts of the nut8 to be locked pass through the fish plates and rail, and rubber washers interposed between tbe washer plate and the fi sh plate. The ends of the metallic strip are
more » ... metallic strip are then pressed against the washer plate, and the nuts are firmly screwed On the rail bolts, and the ends of (he strip are then drawn outward, so that it will be straightened. If the nuts loosen they will strike against the ends of the strips and the rotation will be prevented. An improved car coupling has been patented by Mr. Sylvester Oar, of Kansas, Ill. A transverse rock shaft is journllled in boxes on the end of the car, and is pro vided with collars on the ontside of the boxes. The onter ends of the shafts are bent to form handles, and a spiral spring is placed on the rock shaft between one of the boxes, and an arm that projects from the shaft. The projecting arm, when the rock shaft is turned up, engages with a catch on the end of the car. To the under side of this arm is attached a curved arm, and into the RIot between the arms projects a pin that is secnred to one side of the coupling link that is pivoted 01' top of drawheBd. The onter end of the arm is at· tached to a rod that passes throngh an eye secnred to the end of the car. Hooks that engage with the outer end of the coupling link are attached to the upper side of tbe drawboards. By means of the rods and haedles at the end of the cars they may be coupled or uncoupled either from their top or sides. Mr. Charles P. Williams. of Summit Point, W. Va., has p8tented a new CRr coupling that is adapted to be operated from either side .of the car. The drawhead of
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07151882-42b fatcat:djy25zdc3bcbzidg3r6w6g47ye